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Water Rights

Water rights are property rights. They can be leased or sold. The Constitutions of the United States and Montana protect water right holders from being deprived of those rights without due process of law. All water in Montana is owned by the State, subject to appropriation for beneficial uses by water right claimants. Water right holders do not own the water. They only own the right to USE the water. GID’s water right is co-owned with the Bureau of Reclamation. GID delivers this water to assessed acres within the District. Our water right is limited to and defined as follows:

  1. Source:  Sun River/surface water
  2. Point of Diversion :  Diversion Dam on Sun River & Pishkun Reservoir
  3. Place of Use:  83,231.72 acres within District Boundaries
  4. Beneficial Use/Purpose:  Irrigation, Domestic, Livestock, etc.
  5. Maximum Flow:  1512 CFS at Diversion
  6. Period of Use:  April 1st to October 31st
  7. Priority Date:  May 25, 1906                                 

GID also has storage rights for Gibson and Willow Creek Reservoirs.

Interactive Water Map

The interactive water map is intended for each land owner or lessee that received GID water to be able to look up aerial maps of their specific farm units, look at what irrigated acres are mapped with each farm unit, look up farm unit plats to see what was considered irrigable during last edits, and see number of acres for each farm unit assessed by GID vs. acres mapped during last update. This map is hosted and maintained for the sole purpose for GID staff and producers to better track irrigated lands, farm unit status and GID infrastructure. It is not updated on a frequent basis so information may not be accurate at the time you view your information. Please contact the GID office for any discrepancies you may find.

District Boundaries

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Precinct Map

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District Grazing/Pasture Map

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Division Maps

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