Greenfields Irrigation District

Providing water for pasture, lawn, and garden irrigation.

Order Water

To order a Water Turn On/Shut Off call 800.775.2864. Remember to have your farm unit, ditch and turn out available and allow 24 for shut off and 48 hours for turn on orders.

Areas Served

Greenfields Irrigation District serves Cascade, Lewis and Clark and Teton Counties in Montana.


The GID Board Policies & Operating Procedures are currently being revised and updated.

Water released from Pishkun Reservoir enters the Sun River Slope Canal and is distributed to approximately 83,230 acres in the Greenfields Division.

GID News

Annual Dinner and Meeting

February 22nd at 11:30 A.M.
at the Fairfield Community Hall

Watch for Certification Packets arriving shortly in the mail

Please review them and call into the office to schedule your appointment at the designated time.

2016 GID Pasture Bid Results

After many years, the GID Board elected to put the GID pastures out for public auction. This was done to facilitate a market value correction and to allow other water users an opportunity to participate with the grazing lease program. GID administers over 23,200 acres of Federal ground on behalf of the Bureau of Reclamation. In the past, GID has retained the pasture lease revenue to offset costs and help with overall District O&M. The grazing revenue is approximately 5% of our total revenue. We are working with the Bureau to retain this money.

The bid results included 91 individual bid forms, representing 253 separate parcel bids on 76 different pastures. For the most part, everyone treated the process respectively and submitted competitive bids on select pastures. Bid results ranged from $15 to $75/AUM.

Going forward, the leases were revised in that the GID Board has elected to tighten oversight of the pastures in order to protect this source of GID revenue and to continue control the pastures for the benefit of local water users. For example,

  • Lease transfers will be limited to immediate family members directly involved with the livestock operations;
  • Sub-leasing and adding of names to the leases are gone;
  • The leased pasture must be used for grazing and any pasture resting requires Board approval;
  • Non-grazing activity on the pastures are subject to Board approval and require a Special use Permit from the Bureau.
  • Leases will be for a period of 10 years.