Greenfields Irrigation District

Providing water for area agricultural purposes.

Order Water

To order a Water Turn On/Shut Off call 800.775.2864. Remember to have your farm unit, ditch and turn out available and allow 24 for shut off and 48 hours for turn on orders.

Areas Served

Greenfields Irrigation District serves Cascade, Lewis and Clark and Teton Counties in Montana.


The GID Board Policies & Operating Procedures are currently being revised and updated.

Water released from Pishkun Reservoir enters the Sun River Slope Canal and is distributed to approximately 83,230 acres in the Greenfields Division.

GID News

The 2019 Water Season is Upon Us.

Remember that you have to have your Irrigation Plan and Owner Certification Reports (if requested) signed and turned into the office before you are eligible to receive GID irrigation water. Also, if you have any outstanding debt with GID or delinquent taxes, please get those cleared up so that you are able to receive district water.